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Commercial Building Inspector ®: The world's most powerful, innovative and the easiest construction building codes checking tool that enables the highest efficiency and ease in tracking projects for code compliance, allowing projects to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner, while maintaining the degree of protection and life safety intended by the applicable codes.

This innovative software solution provides designers with the capability to both conduct a preliminary IBC code review during the initial phases of a project, and evaluate multiple code options and decisions well before the expense of developing drawings. During preliminary and final reviews, designers are lead through a simple, detailed and well-organized code review that includes references to the actual IBC code sections. The program analyzes the user's input and renders "Passed" or "Failed" status for decisions, along with the reason for not accepting the provided information. Detailed reports are easily created for submission to the respective permitting authority .

When using OptaSoft's technology, it allows you to capture, analyze building codes parameters and generates compliance status reports prior to submittals (QA & QC) which is the basis of the permit issuing authority compliance decision. This gives you the ability to provide quality and organized preliminary project review with code compliance feedback (Proof of Code Analysis) to facilitates faster review times.

Why Do I need it?

Fact: The plans examiner shall be provided with a "road map" of how the designer is using the provisions of the code. The IBC has several different design paths that the design team may take. For example, is the building being designed as a separated occupancy or a non-separated occupancy? If this information is not shown on the plans, the plans examiner will not be able to conduct a proper review. Construction plans should also include basic information about the project as it relates to the codes. The plans examiner needs such information to begin the review and understand what is being proposed.

Without the information above, the plans examiner is forced to make assumptions or stop the review altogether until the information is provided.

Proof of code analysis generated reports that facilitates faster review times.

(1) Primary Construction Type
(2) Incidental Use Areas
(3) Accessory Occupancies
(4) Unlimited Area Buildings
(5) Multi Use Buildings - Summary
(6) Multi Use Buildings - Building Occupancies Details
(7) Multi Use Buildings - Mixed Occupancy Separations
(9) Height & Area Limitations - Summary
(10) Height & Area Limitations - Area
(11) Height & Area Limitations - Height
(12) Estimated Construction Cost

(1) Designed Occupant Load Calculation
(2) Exit Access Travel Distance
(3) Doors in Means of Egress System
(4) Guardrails
(5) Ramps - Slope
(6) Ramps - Discharge Capacity
(7) Handrails - Where Required
(8) Handrails - Nosing
(9) Handrails - Graspability
(10) Corridors - Minimum Width
(11) Corridors - Discharge Capacity
(12) Corridors - Dead End Length
(13) Stairs - Design Geometry
(14) Stairs - Discharge Capacity
(15) Exits or Access to Exits - Discharge Capacity
(16) Separation Distance Between Each Exit or Access to Exit
(17) Stories with One Exit
(18) Egress Path Identification & Exit Signs Placement

(1) Building Elements Fire Rating - Primary Members
(2) Building Elements Fire Rating - Secondary Members
(3) Building Elements Fire Rating - Bearing Walls
(4) Building Elements Fire Rating - Nonbearing Walls
(5) Exterior Walls Fire Rating
(6) Nonbearing Walls & Fire Partitions
(7) Opening Protection & Markings
(8) Degree of Opening Protection
(9) Interior Finishes Class
(10) Corridor Fire Rating
(11) Fire Rated Assemblies
(12) Sprinkler Systems Requirement
(13) Portable Fire Extinguishers Calculation
(14) Standpipe Systems Requirement
(15) Manual Fire Alarm System Requirement
(16) Automatic Smoke Detection System Requirement

(1) Plumbing Fixures - Count
(2) Maximum Distance to Toilet Facilities
(3) Maximum Distance to Drinking Fountains
(4) Water Closet [Male and Female]
(5) Minimum Number of Uniral Substitution
(6) Lavatories [Male and Female]
(7) Bathtubs/Showers
(8) Drinking Fountains
(9) Service Sinks
(10) Kitchen Sinks
(11) Automatic Cloth Washer Connection
(12) Floors and Wall Bases Finish Materials
(13) Walls and Partitions Finish Materials

(1) Required Accessible Routes
(2) Not Required Accessible Routes
(3) Accessible Path into Buildings
(4) Accessibility - Accessible Routes within a Site
(5) Stairways
(6) Ramps
(7) Horizontal Exit
(8) Accessible Means of Egress
(9) Exit Access Above Level of Discharge
(10) Exit Access Below Level of Discharge
(11) Accessible Egress Leading to Exit Stair
(12) Area of Refuge
(13) Elevators with Standby Power
(14) Plumbing Elements and Facilities
(15) Drinking Fountains
(16) Kitchen & Sinks
(17) Washing Machines
(18) Cloth Dryers
(19) Toilet Compartments
(20) Family Toilet & Bathing Rooms
(21) Unisex Toilet
(22) Unisex Bathing Rooms
(23) Wheelchair Accessible - Lavatories & Sinks
(24) Wheelchair Accessible - Water Closets
(25) Wheelchair Accessible - Kitchens
(26) Wheelchair Accessible - Knee & Toe Space Depth
(27) Wheelchair Accessible - Knee & Toe Space Clearence

Solution at glance

OptaSoft algorithm is a quality control process that protects the public and first responders from improper building designs. As a result, it allows any designer the ability to speak the plan analyst's language. In one sense the permit issuing authority will not have to spend any time again addressing the designer's request related to applying his/her modification. This helps the government agency to effeciently and effectively determine plan specifications are in compliance and/or easily guide the project to a compliance status in a fraction of the typical today's conventional method.

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The only intelligent building code checking solution in today's market, it makes manual reviews a thing of the past!

Since the existence of blueprints nearly 300 years ago, the construction industry has used paper and pencils to do its job. While a substantial number of progressive Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Consultants have been using computer-aided technologies on their projects for a few years, the plan review and building code compliance review process has, unfortunately, stayed pretty much the same.

Nevertheless, when it comes to code checking, these highly complex models created by thousands of firms, in most cases, have to be printed out on paper or digitally uploaded to a remote server or must be virtually simulated in order for code officials to manually review, mark-up, or digitally insert comments using an overlay technology.

The manual approach to code checking is tedious, inconsistent, sometimes inaccurate, slow, rather costly and inevitably subjective, as analysts impose their own understanding of the code issues in their personal review. A true automation of the actual code checking process achieves a significant improvement in productivity in the planning and code review phases for the entire building industry.

Until OptaSoft's revolutionary approach, solutions to the code checking compliance problem have been ineffective and one dimensional. The primary purpose of former solutions was to simply manage documents in a framework designed to change the embodiment of the materials to be reviewed (blueprints). They were deployed in the form of creating code studies, hosting a web-enabled service to submit plans for manual review, offering databases of building codes for electronic access, modeling the design in 2D, 3D, 4D to visualize, inserting mark-ups and comments on pdf drawings and comparing drawings side-by-side using digital overlay. All former solutionslead to increased challenges with implementation and higher overall cost, while failing to address the actual task of "code checking".

Why is our innovative software one solution that stands above the rest?

100% manipulation proof

Our innovative solution utilizes C++ frame work object oriented technology. An object is a "black box/module" that receives and sends messages that includes the actual building codes and users input. As a result, the permit issuing authorities, design professionals and consultants enjoy a peace of mind that advanced users (SYSDBA or DBA) are unable to manipulate the generated compliance results and/or reports.

Easy to use

Commercial Building Inspector is so smart and easy, the straightforwardness of the software leaves little necessity for training. The software architecture comprise of components that includes smart independent channels of building code analysis integrated with the properties of other components and forms a relationship that gives you a world class efficient solution.

System monitoring

Our systematic approach with C++ framework that supports tracking and monitoring software components allows you to re-review any project with a click of a button when designers request that his/her project to be re-reviewed based on a new occupancy classification or construction type or any other crucial change. In one sense the permit issuing authority will not have to spend any time again addressing the designer's request related to applying his/her modification.

Expedite the process, increase your plan review accuracy and achieve up to 95% review time savings

Commercial Building Inspector® is a tool that automates the more mundane and routine design tasks associated with code checking, allowing all concerned to focus their expertise toward creating a more efficient and sustainable built environment.

Commercial Building Inspector® allows users to capture, analyze building codes parameters and generates compliance status reports prior to plans submittals (QA & QC). Such obtained results are the basis of the permit issuing authority compliance decision. Best of all, it allows for early submission, preliminary project review with code compliance feedback, more accurate final submittals by the design professionals and facilitates faster review times (Up to 95%). It also fits seamlessly within an organization's existing technology architecture that integrates granular permit data from source systems and links the database warehouse with rich transactional details.

Once the plan has been submitted for review to the permit issuing authority, the permit issuing authority can utilize the saved software project's data file to determine whether the plan are building codes compliant or easily guide the project to a compliance status.


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