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Under The Alliance Development Initiative, AIA Louisiana announces the release of OptaSoft's Commercial Building Inspector® - AIA Louisiana Edition Software

May 14, 2014, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, AIA Louisiana has signed an Agreement with OptaSoft, a joint initiative with the goal of providing world class software solution that provides the AIA Louisiana architects with the capability to both conduct a preliminary IBC code review during the initial phases of a project, and evaluate multiple code options and decisions well before the expense of developing drawings. During preliminary and final reviews, the architect is lead through a simple, detailed and well-organized code review that includes on-screen images of the code. The program renders "Accepted" or "Rejected" status for decisions, along with the reason for not accepting the provided parameters. Detailed reports are easily created for submission to the Fire Marshal's Office and multiple reports can be created which automatically include reference to the code sections on which the report is based. The Fire Marshal's Office, under the alliance, will accept both PDF and electronic versions of the files. The electronic file can be used to complete and expedite their final IBC review.

AIA Louisiana's Alliance Development Committee was originally given the task to communicate and collaborate with state agencies, namely, DHH, FP&C, Office of State Fire Marshal, Schools of Architecture, and other agencies linked to the Design Industry. The initial effort was to form an alliance with the Office of State Fire Marshal in order to participate in the development of their new electronic plan submittal system. Additional goals included providing a mechanism to allow for early submission, preliminary project review with code compliance feedback, more accurate final submittals by the architects, and to facilitate faster review times. The alliance is composed of AIA Louisiana, the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal, OptaSoft and an approved continuing education provider.

"We are proud and delighted to work with two world-class organizations such as AIA Louisiana and the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office and to be able to assist in the joint initiative of providing smart building code technology for our industry. The utilization of OptaSoft's artificial Intelligence plan review software translates into improved safety within the built environment. OptaSoft commends the Louisiana State Fire Marshal and AIA Louisiana leaders for their forward thinking technology goal. The commitment which they have exemplified will ensure an efficient submission process for future blue print submittals, resulting in consistency and simplicity while also maintaining the degree of protection and life safety intended by the applicable Building Codes." said OptaSoft President and CEO Eiad M. Odeh.

AIA Louisiana was founded in 1943, AIA Louisiana has been involving members in a statewide proactive organization, unified effort to benefit the profession. AIA Louisiana is the leader of the profession of architecture in Louisiana. Its mission is to be "the voice of the profession in the State. It is the resource for the profession in its service to society. It is the conduit for the exchange of information concerning the built environment.

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