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Building Permit offices around the country are responsible for providing efficient customer service to large numbers of contractors and customers. These clients seek a variety of services, requiring visits to several different locations, often in different buildings. Every major municipality has similar procedures in issuing building permits, dependent upon individually supervised reviews that can involve time consuming and unnecessary delays, as well as, on occasion, an intrusion of subjectivity into the reviewer's interpretation of Code references. Read more


Better Understanding the IBC

"The software has really helped us perform reviews quicker and because the software is standardized, we are getting more consistent reviews. It has probably saved at least 50% in review time. We had recently hired some new reviewers (because the former ones retired) and having the software cut their training time drastically. We have even had design professionals and contractors sit in for their reviews so we sort of train them on the job so they can get a better understanding of the IBC and the code differences for future submittals. We recently changed from the SBC to the IBC and the software made the transition of the different codes real easy. So far the software has worked fine and we have not had any problems."

Pete Newkirk, PE
Building Official
City of Baton Rouge

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