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Why is our innovative software one solution that stands above the rest?

OptaSoft's innovative patent pending technology revolutionizes the construction industry. It dramatically increases productivity in the actual review task and solves the problem, through artificial intelligence, head on. It renders a pass or fail with a click of a button, while reinforcing the educational level of each user. This ensures efficiency, quality, consistency and simplicity, while maintaining the degree of protection and life safety intended by the applicable International Building Codes. This, in turn, dramatically reduces the potential for liability due to compliance errors.

OptaSoft's smart plan review solution walks a fine-line between designers and the respective permitting authority. It allows any designer the ability to speak the plan analyst's language, in order to determine code compliance as easily as a plan reviewer. This helps the architect to ascertain the best ways to inter-connect the building elements within the design at the front end of the project. Once the plan has been submitted for review to the permit issuing authority, the permit issuing authority can utilize the software to determine whether the plan specifications are in compliance and easily guide the project to a compliance status.

100% manipulation proof of compliance decision result
  Our innovative solution utilizes C++ frame work object oriented technology. An object is a "black box/module" that receives and sends messages. In o-o (object-oriented) architect, code and data are merged into a single indivisible thing "object/module" which actually contains code (building code and users input) and such kept apart. As a result, the permit issuing authorities, design professionals and consultants enjoy a peace of mind that advanced users (SYSDBA or DBA) are unable to manipulate the generated compliance results and/or reports. Unlike any database driven applications, advanced users can alter and edit the compliance status and their stored building code values within the database repository schema then rollback the original values.
Eases your transition when adopting new building code
  When a metropolitan area adopts the International Building Code or any other code, there will be plan review delays translated into dissatisfied customers. If used properly, Commercial Building Inspector "Intelligent Review Engine" saves time by providing accurate and consistent review results while reinforcing the educational level of each user, allowing him/her to operate at a more efficient and reliable level to facilitate the way to gain the broadest possible acceptance of commercial building permits.
Increases productivity, reduces complexity and eliminates review inconsistency
  If used properly, CBI will improve the quality of plan preparation, which should reduce plan review time, eliminate procedural inconsistency and ease the complexity of understanding the code's intent to facilitate the way to gain the broadest possible acceptance of commercial building permits.
Easy to use
  CBI's point and click application is so easy and user friendly that the straightforwardness of the software leaves little necessity for training. The designers would, however, recommend that a degree of experimentation should be pursued before using this software in practical use.
Return of investment ROI
  The ramification of plan review delays can't be ignored. Commercial Building Inspector cost is negligible considering the detrimental financial impact due to delays in the proposed construction starting date. As a structure owner, not meeting such date will increase the project's overall cost and will increase the ROI period in which will be a great source of frustration.
Software size and deployment
  ~35 MB, Our development team always look for more efficient ways to represent all software component, while making no compromises in accuracy. This translates into a state of the art world class application that utilizes less system resources and less to implement without adding any burden to your IT department to install, integrate and maintain.
Simple, smart, straightforward, and efficient
  It is as simple as the following: Users can select any module and fill in the required fields. Then CBI's "Intelligent Engine" will check the inserted data compliance and produces a "project compliance status report" generated in 1 second (accepted/not accepted). Best of all, it will give you the reason for not accepting your project including the actual code references and page number of the building code in the actual code book with the current adopted codes. walks a fine-line between designers and the respective permitting authority.
Versatile, flexible and produces instant review decision
  As a permit applicant, you would want to obtain a construction plans review decision as quickly as possible from the permit issuing authority to be able to utilize your effort toward other permit requirements (Average of 5 to 15 other items). The versatility of our innovative technology allows you to install an extra license "Floater" at the permit issuing authority to insure that such jurisdiction is receiving the most up-to-date information related to your structure design. How? A simple email with attached CBI file that's all what it takes. As a permit issuing authority, and by using such "Floater", you would save the time that would take to manually retrieve the design information from the construction plans and input it into the software. Once a compliance decision have been made (Typically in minutes), you can swap the license to a different permit issuing authority.
  When you are working in a busy office that receives a lot of phone calls with questions such as "Can I build?", while you are on the phone, the software allows you to enable or disable modules and their contents to be displayed in your code compliance status screen. Keep in mind that each module in the software is independent from each others which will enable you to obtain the compliance status only for the module that you're working with. This will eliminate adding an extra daily task and save you tremendous time during the code interpretation process while sifting through the code book.
System monitoring
  Our systematic approach with C++ framework that supports tracking and monitoring software components allows you to re-review any project with a click of a button when designers request that his/her project to be re-reviewed based on a new occupancy classification or construction type or any other crucial change. In one sense the permit issuing authority will not have to spend any time again addressing the designer's request related to applying his/her modification.


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